Team Consulting

Let’s deepen your company culture and open the lines of communication. Let’s nurture innovation and accountability. And let’s jumpstart creative problem-solving and courageous decision-making.

From one-on-one strategy consultations with executive teams to leadership workshops, I’m here to help your team succeed like never before.

Thrive’s Team Appraisal

Your team has potential.  But you’re frustrated with their results.  Let’s take a look at what’s working well, what’s not, and where the team is headed. Let’s work together to bring out the best in your best for outstanding team performance and results.
Everyday Leaders of Thrive 

Thrive’s Action Planning Workshop

You have goals and the people to reach them. Now, it’s time to map out the steps you need to take as a team.  Let’s plot a course of action that not only achieves your goals, but excites and challenges every member of your team.
Everyday Leaders of Thrive  

Thrive’s Strategy Consult

There’s a lot on the line and your leadership team needs to deliver. To lead effectively you need a clear vision for the future and the tools to guide the entire organization. This program is designed to help bring clarity to your goals, find methods to clearly communicate them, and help you minimize distractions along the way. I can help you and your leadership team get the entire organization pulling together to achieve a new level of success.
Everyday Leaders of Thrive